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Iphone vs Blackberry


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Nov 6, 2010
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Hi All,

I'm PJN who new user for Iphone 4. I moved from BB mainly just due to my hobby Golfing. I saw my friend using Iphone as a caddy, which I notice is very cool.

But now I miss something from BB capabilities:
1. I couldn't synchronise my NOTES from my office Outlook.
2. I couldn't access my "out of office auto reply" that I setup in my outlook wrongly, while I'm away from office.
3. searching email is not straight forward, you have to type sender name or thread, which sometimes you forget the to spell it and you get wrong answer. Then what I normally do is to scroll down manually to see the name of the sender or thread. in BB, for this particular case, I can directly click that name or message and search them base on sender or subject. In Iphone I need to scroll up to the top again and type what I'm looking for. take time and need patient. The Search box should be freeze and always seen wherever you are for every application !
4. I couldn't insert attachment easily while I'm in writing an email. there should be button to insert attachments.
5. I could't set a volume between sms, email, calender differently. All of them are using the same volume setting.
6. The screen autolock is very annoying when you play golf or using google map in the car... you should be able to set the autolock for 2 hours instead of only 5 minutes max.
7. I can't lock photo in my iphone, so sometime my favourite photo is deleted by mistake by my little son. conversely, sometime he click many times the shutter button to take photo. And I want delete multiple photo in one go like in email, but I'can't.
8. I think I still have more but forget for now.....

For sure there are many good feature in Iphone...

If somebody could advice the solution will be appreciated....

cant say i ever had a black berry but i tell you a similar thing that happened to me..

i have always used nokias and i moved from nokia to iphone. so imagine in 2007 when the first iphone had nothing you had to jailbreak just to get a background pic no flash on the camera no nothing... so you can imagine coming from a nokia even the n73 had 5mp camera flash bluetooth send receive the ability to install any app i wanted front camera for video chat... and other features i was so used to on the nokia and the lay out of the phone...

its always difficult swapping phones after a long time, the longer the harder if you only use one make of phone. but eventually you get used to it and how it works and you can easily find apps to do what you are used to having on the bb. usually it auto syncs calanders and contacts and everything from outlook. the iphone