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iPhone to iCloud sync issue


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Jun 30, 2017
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Root problem: most contacts on iPhone 6+ will not sync to iCloud. A few contacts sync without a problem. Newly entered contacts will not sync.

Failed solutions: I have read and tried a number of solutions that are performed in Settings, as found on the Web.

The good contacts: I can make a change to the contact on my iPhone and the change shows up immediately in iCloud and on my PC.

The bad contacts: I can't make them appear at all in iCloud, they are completely missing. 600 contacts are missing in the iCloud, 5 contacts are present.

Here is the VCF text of a contact that does not sync.

PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//iPhone OS 10.3.2//EN
FN: A Joe Blow
TEL;type=WORK;type=VOICE;type=pref:(866) 991-1234

Here is the VCF text of a contact that does sync to icloud:

PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//iPhone OS 10.3.2//EN
FN: Safewayz Pharmacy
TEL;type=HOME;type=VOICE;type=pref:(510) 429-9093

Any suggestions? Very frustrating. The presence of a genius bar in Apple stores should be a warning. Other brands don't need geniuses to fix their commercialized systems.
Have you made sure you have all groups checked and all your accounts as well. Also try to back the phone up manually to iCloud. Located under settings/Apple ID, iCloud/iCloud Backup. Just make sure you have a good WI-FI connection. And you can manually back the phone up to iCloud. Might try it once and see if all the missing contacts will show up and then stay after the next backup. As well as making sure all your contacts are checked off either in contacts or your email account settings. Hope you get it resolved and have a great day.
Thanks for your input! I tried manual backup several times, it does not move my contacts up to iCloud. Seems that these contacts are somehow not readable. And all groups / accounts are checked. And default is iCloud. Problem remains, cannot move contacts from phone to cloud
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Are they possibly on your SIM?

Thanks for the suggestion! No not on my SIM. I tried download from SIM, nothing changed.