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  1. R

    Moving gmail contacts to iphone

    iPhone 14. First, I have no idea what I'm saying so be patient. I have the iPhone 14 and, as of yesterday, had nine-hundred-sixty-some contacts listed in my phone's contacts app. This AM I have 77. I had my husband see if he could find the missing contacts. He did. This is where it gets...
  2. Michael Graubart

    iOS 14.2 update: Mail problem

    I updated my iPhone 7 to iOS 14.2 recently and very soon discovered that in Contacts and Mail, 'Groups' is broken: all my groups (which are also there on my Mac — linked to my iPhone by iCloud — and work normally there) show 'No Members' when a group is entered into the address field when...
  3. Michael Graubart

    Contacts not syncing in iOS 12

    Phone: iPhone SE, iOS 12 Computer:: Mac mini, macOS 10.13.6 Since updating to iOS 12, my contacts sync between my Mac and iCloud.com, but not between iCloud and my phone. Both ways in each case. I have tried decoupling Contacts between phone and iCloud, waiting for a while and then switching...
  4. M

    iPhone 6s Contacts ----> PC

    I only trust very simple things that I can see and understand. I do not want to use iCloud. I would simply like to make a copy of my contacts and store it on my PC. I would like to be able to view the contacts list on my PC. A bonus would be to be able to restore the above contact list that...
  5. J

    Why do I have SO many contacts when I try to send a text?

    Previously I used to be able to type a few letters into the “to” box for a text message, I.e. “Gor” and my friend Gordon would pop up, select and text. Now, I type in “Gor” and EVERYTING containing Gor comes up, I also get old group texts, a LONG list... I have to scroll down... then finally...
  6. C

    iPhone to iCloud sync issue

    Root problem: most contacts on iPhone 6+ will not sync to iCloud. A few contacts sync without a problem. Newly entered contacts will not sync. Failed solutions: I have read and tried a number of solutions that are performed in Settings, as found on the Web. The good contacts: I can make a...
  7. L

    Iphone-Ipad Exchange account

    Hi All. I currently have 3 apple devices. Ipad mini, Ipad and iphone 6. On all 3 of the deveices I have added my exchange email outllok365 and synced the contacts for them. On my 2 ipads the contacts seem to be synced ok but on my iphone 6 some contacts are missing and not sure why. I tried...
  8. C

    Just got in, didn't have time to unpack, got a question ...

    I need some help with finding my contact list, it has disappeared from my contacts link! It was there this morning, now it's gone. All of my recent calls, instead of having the person's first name and town of origin, it lists "United States" on all the calls listed on the recent calls list...
  9. geno368

    After restoring iphone 5s backup, I have several duplicate contacts

    I had to reformat my pc and then re-install itunes and ended up with duplicate contacts after restoring my iphone from a backup. I would like to remove the backup because the file is not current either. I need help to retrieve my current outlook contacts. I don't even know where the contact...
  10. Pixeltaker

    Contacts not uploading to ICloud

    Everything else from my iPhone 6 is in ICloud, but my contacts are blank. Is there a setting in the IPhone or in ICloud that would allow my contacts to be in the Cloud?
  11. S

    iphone transfer contacts and apps

    hello i have an iphone 5 that is jailbroken on ios 6.1.2 and i am now purchasing the iphone 6s. how can i transfer all my files from one phone to the other, more importantly my contacts?