iOS 14.2 update: Mail problem

Discussion in 'iPhone 7' started by Michael Graubart, Nov 23, 2020.

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    I updated my iPhone 7 to iOS 14.2 recently and very soon discovered that in Contacts and Mail, 'Groups' is broken: all my groups (which are also there on my Mac — linked to my iPhone by iCloud — and work normally there) show 'No Members' when a group is entered into the address field when writing a new email on the iPhone.

    There are numerous posts in the Apple Discussions about this problem (and I have seen other posts about a problem concerning Aliases, which I myself do not use).

    Does anyone know about an update that tackles the Groups problem? iOS 14.2.1 is only for iPhone 12 — no good for the likes of me!
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    My wife has an iPhone 7 and had unusual problem with contacts, all contacts moved to the blocked list and so she was uncontactable. Further this was also affecting her iPad 7. I removed all the blocked contacts and all worked ok but they were blocked again the next morning.
    Because it was on both devices I felt it was not a phone or iPad problem but perhaps an Apple account problem. I signed her out of her Apple account, including iCloud, did a hard reset on both machines and signed back in. All is well for the past 48 hours so I am hopeful it is fixed but I am at a loss to explain what happened. My iPhone 6s and iPad Pro had no problems and were updated at the same time.
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