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  1. U

    How can I automatically sync photos and videos over Wi-Fi between iPhone and Mac?

    Mac Catalina iPhone SE 2020 Both updated Hi. I have a question: How can I sync automatically copying photos and videos between iPhone and Mac over Wi-Fi? - First indicate that I do not want to use iCloud for my photos and videos. - I have configured the mac using the finder to manage...
  2. W

    I cannot sync my iPhone 6 with iTunes for Windows

    I cannot sync my iPhone 6 with iTunes for Windows. Each time I try I get the error 'The iPhone could not be synced because the connection to the iPhone was lost'. Also I cannot backup the iPhone as the Backup and Restore options are greyed out. My ringtones were lost and I was unable to restore...
  3. Michael Graubart

    Contacts not syncing in iOS 12

    Phone: iPhone SE, iOS 12 Computer:: Mac mini, macOS 10.13.6 Since updating to iOS 12, my contacts sync between my Mac and iCloud.com, but not between iCloud and my phone. Both ways in each case. I have tried decoupling Contacts between phone and iCloud, waiting for a while and then switching...
  4. Michael Graubart

    Saving Word documents

    Phone: iPhone SE, iOS 11.4.1 Mac: macOS 10.13.6 I have just installed Microsoft Word on my phone (and I have Word on my Mac, too). I typed a small text in Word on the phone. When I sought to save it, the choice of places to save it in were very limited. I chose to save it on iPhone. If I had...
  5. Michael Graubart

    Safari Sync Problem

    I have a Mac with MacOS 10.13.6 and an iphone SE with iOS 11.4.1, and I sync by means of iCloud. Recently I realized that my bookmarks were no longer syncing either way. I tried the usual remedy of signing out of and back into iCloud on both devices, to no avail. What is more, I have now...
  6. C

    iPhone to iCloud sync issue

    Root problem: most contacts on iPhone 6+ will not sync to iCloud. A few contacts sync without a problem. Newly entered contacts will not sync. Failed solutions: I have read and tried a number of solutions that are performed in Settings, as found on the Web. The good contacts: I can make a...
  7. L

    Iphone-Ipad Exchange account

    Hi All. I currently have 3 apple devices. Ipad mini, Ipad and iphone 6. On all 3 of the deveices I have added my exchange email outllok365 and synced the contacts for them. On my 2 ipads the contacts seem to be synced ok but on my iphone 6 some contacts are missing and not sure why. I tried...
  8. Michael Graubart

    Mac and iPhone 5s not syncing alerts in Calendar

    I sync my Mac (OS 10.8.5) and iPhone 5s (iOS 9.2.1) through iTunes. In iTunes I have made sure that all calendars are set to sync. Events in Calendar sync correctly both ways, except that alerts do not sync at all either way. (With my old iPhone 3g, alerts synced from the Mac to the phone, but...
  9. Michael Graubart

    Cannot sync mail accounts with iTunes

    I Sync my iPhone 3G (iOS 4.2.1) with my Mac (OS 10.8.5) by means of iTunes. Until recently I had no sync problems, but a few days ago, though other syncing worked, in Calendar events entered on the Mac no longer synced to the phone. I then went through all sorts of procedures on the Mac...
  10. DaveM

    Can't sync Zedge ringtones

    I'm on iOS 9.02 on an iPhone 5s, using a Windows 10 computer. Latest version of iTunes. I have the Zedge app installed on my phone and the Zedge Tonesync on the computer. In the past I've been able to download and sync ringtones from Zedge to iTunes with no problem, although it's been a while...
  11. A

    Android power user thinking about switching to iPhone - questions

    I am an Android power user (rooted, phone, always tinkering and changing stuff). Thinking about switching to iPhone 6S Plus. Some questions : 1) I use Firefox on my Android phone and love how my history, bookmarks, passwords, and tabs are synced with my Windows computer. I don't see Firefox in...
  12. S

    iPhone 6 Plus Exchange Appointment Issues

    I work in an IT Service Center and I have a customer who has an iPhone Plus. She has Exchange set up on her phone to sync with her Outlook account which works fine except for Calendar additions from her phone. When she adds an event to her calendar it shows up on her phone but disappears after...