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iPhone stuck on iTunes logo Screen (HELP)


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Jul 2, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I really need your help. I have an iPhone 4GSM. I had jailbroken it a few months ago using a firmware (I will not be able to remember the name right now). Anyways, I used iTunes to update the iOS and uh-oh, the whole thing got damaged and the screen on the iPhone got stuck forever on that one with the iTunes logo in it. What should I do now? I realize I've lost everything in the phone by now because I've attempted to recover it a few times and, by the looks of it, my phone got totally cleared a few number of times.
Please help.
Thank you.


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Put the device into DFU mode by first connecting it to your computer, then pressing and holding both the power and home buttons together for 10 full seconds, then release the power button but keep holding the home button until your computer recognizes new hardware (it's helpful to have the speakers on so you can tell). Once you hear the tone for new hardware detected/plugged in, release the home button. Then click on the Restore button on iTunes and restore afresh. The data's lost now since your device is pretty much stuck in limbo after the attempted restore so your data cannot be recovered after an extended period of time even with professional tools. It's always recommended that you backup your device at least weekly if not monthly depending on your usage.
Awesome thread!! It helped me with my problem on my iPhone 3g. lol. Kinda old model but I value it. :) Thanks!!!