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iphone stuck on itunes and lead pic


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Nov 24, 2014
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My wifi decided to stop working on my iphone 4s, googled it and was told to do any software updates.. during the update my phone turned off and when it came back on it was stuck on a pic of the iTunes logo and lead... its now unrecognisable on iTunes and ive followed a few youtube vids to try and restore it, my laptop makes the sound when I plug the iphone into it but iTunes wont pick it up.... any ideas?? Thanks!
Thanks, I managed to restore my phone but the wifi slider is still grey =\
I was having the same problem with my 4s.I did the hair dryer heat fix,only worked for a few days,then the wifi went out again.So I took it to Apple Store to get their say on this problem.Troubleshooting it,they found out the wifi chip needs to be replaced.Cost to fix it is 200 dollars,so I did the dryer fix again and trade it in to a new iPhone.They gave me 105 dollars for trade in.