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iPhone stuck in recovery mode.


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Sep 30, 2014
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I hope someone can help me as I'm worried I might be in trouble with my iPhone.

a bit of background first:
- I am using a Macbook together with my husband (2 separate users)
- I am the Admin user and my husband is a Standard user.
- Recently we bought a new Macbook for myself.
- On the old macbook, I was planning to change my user's "Full Name" to my husband's name, and make him the Admin.
- Before doing that, I wanted to sync & upgrade my iPhone on the old mackbook.

Now here is what happened:
1. I connected my iPhone to the old Macbook iTunes and started the iOS upgrade to v8.
2. While the upgrade was in progress, I believe I made a stupid mistake:
- In System Preferences-->Users-->I changed my user's "Full Name" to my husbands
- I also clicked the "Set" button in order to configure my husband's apple ID instead of mine.

The moment I did that, iTunes reported that the iOS upgrade has failed.
(It was stupid of me to make those changes during the upgrade!!!)

Now, it looks like my phone is stuck in recovery mode.
- If I restart the iPhone, it doesn't start. Instead it tells me that I should connect to iTunes.
- When I connect the cable, iTunes says that my iPhone seems to be in recovery mode, and that I must restore the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.
- Restoring the iPhone seems to be the only option (The option "Check for updates" is greyed out)

- If I restore the iPhone, does it mean that the iPhone will restore to the original "factory" state?
- Will I be loosing all of my data ?
- I do not remember when was the last time I synched my iPhone or created a backup.
- I think that I'm using the iCloud, but I am not sure if everything is backed up to the iCloud (i.e. whatsapp, messages, notes, etc...)

Can someone please help me solve this situation in the best possible way?

Thank you very much!


Apr 18, 2012
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Jakarta, Indonesia.
Have you tried putting the phone in DFU mode? It may work. If you restore to factory settings, it will be like a new phone.
How to put in DFU mode:
iClarified - iPhone - How to Put an iPhone Into DFU Mode

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I'll add a little explanation when it pleases

First, the correct input into DFU Mode iPhone

then you restore your iPhone in iTunes> set as a new iPhone (clean restore). why I suggest clean restore? iPhone will be more powerful for several reasons. as there is no lag.

you can restore your data via icloud, and it will take a while to restore your iphone, and I encourage you to connect to wifi.

whether the minus of clean restore? you sign in again all your social media, but you would not happen because the lag portion because the actual backup data is very annoying


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Sep 9, 2014
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I had the same problem. Go online to Apple support and they can get it back without losing anything. If computer doesn't recognize your device, you may need to restart a component service called Apple Mobile Device. Im on Pc so it's different.

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Oct 8, 2014
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Hi guys,
just registered to get some help here. I have same issue, I tried to downgrade my iPhone to iOS8 because of "Searching for services" for 3 days (since the new 8.0.2 update). I couldn't call, text etc. I had unknown error, and when I try now to restore him, I can't.

DFU mode doesn't work for me, it CAN'T go in there, it is showing just the iTunes logo and that i have to plug him into the computer via usb. (Maybe because I couldn't downgrade the version of my iOS)
I tried restore my phone also on another PC, first iTunes installed, didn't work neither.
Tried also restoring him with iOS8 (shift+restore my phone).

Any other ideas?

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