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Iphone Hard Reset with a jammed Sleep Button


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Aug 16, 2012
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Hi guys, my sleep/power button on my iphone has been jammed for the past couple of weeks. So nothing happens when i press the sleep button. This wasn't a problem because i just used quicklock from Cydia as a substitute for the sleep button.

However, my iphone randomly crashed this morning and the screen is just completely blank. Normally when it crashes like this, i just do a hard reset by holding down the home and sleep button. The hard reset always the turns the phone back on. But my sleep button no longer works so i can't do a hard reset in anymore. i was wondering if there was any other way that i could do a hard reset that would turn my phone back on.

By the way, i tried to plug my phone into my computer and still the phone remained unresponsive.

Thanks a lot for your help.