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iPhone 6 Plus Case Available Now?


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Jun 7, 2010
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I was searching Amazon for an iPhone 6 Plus case to order and have delivered by Friday, but there doesn't seem to be one available? The only cases I can find that are available to ship today are just for the iPhone 6.

So I guess my only option is to go down to the Apple store this weekend and hope I can get in just to buy a leather Apple case?

If anyone has a link to a case that will work for us Plus buyers that can be delivered by Friday please post it up here!
Check out the iPhone 6 Plus Cases from Spigen: http://www.spigen.com/brands/apple/iphone/iphone-6/iphone-6-plus.html

iPhone 6 Plus Case Wallet S

iPhone 6 Plus Case Slim Armor CS

iPhone 6 Plus Case Tough Armor

Those are cool, but none of those will ship today and be here on Friday. It's looking like I will just have to coddle my Plus and hope that nothing happens to it until I can track down a case.
Prime is awesome as long as you order items that are noted to be prime. Those are the only ones that Amazon can control. They even do Sunday delivery to meet their 2 day guarantee.

That being said, I have several covers & cases ordered for my new 6+ but they won't be here until October, but neither will my phone. Just hope the cars arrive before the phone does.
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I ordered an Otterbox which I should receive next week. When I received my iphone 6 it felt so fragile that I bought a cheepo from Best Buy. I actually like the cheepo and may continue to use it.
Just got notice of shipping on Rearth Rindky Slim case and Fusion for my Plus.