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iPhone 5s Shows white lines when closing apps


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Apr 30, 2014
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Hello there,

New here...
I just bought an iPhone 5s gold.
when I press the home button to go back to the main screen and close the app I notice a few white scratchy lines on which ever app's icon I closed. I can't even capture them cuz they don't even last a sec but are noticible. I'm fearing a hardware issue. I'm on 7.0 but on the other iphone which is fully updated shows the same problem but less obvious. When I look closely, it's there. What is it? It's not those blue vertical lines people are complaining about on their iphone 5. This is different. Can anybody tell me if it's something minor?
This is already a replacement set from a dealer here; before this I had the space grey one which had a heating up issue but other main issue which made me replace that one was that it's video recording showed some flicker. Anyway, I hope it's something minor and not much to worry about? Kindly let me know.