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iPhone 5s issues & 4s photos issues


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Nov 3, 2013
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I have purchased the iPhone 5s and have backed up my iPhone 4s on iTunes.
Since activating the 5s, I have had the following issues.
1) The 4s has a photo album from the start of the phone (about 80 photos) that has never been transferred to iPhotos and never shows up when connected to iPhoto
?) How do I get them off my phone?
2) The 4s was backed up on iTunes and when the 5s was connected to restore the back up - a error came up saying the last back up was corrupted. I picked the next back up which was 3 weeks back - that worked. But not everything.
?) Why was my music or my photos transferred over?

I use a MacBook Pro with the OSX Mavericks.
Please let me know what needs to be done next.

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