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iPhone 5s maps help


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Oct 12, 2013
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I have never used the map apps on the iPhone 5s before so I do not know if this can be done or not. on the apple maps or google maps or waze maps is there way in settings that you can. Set up your home address so you do not have to keep typing in your home address? I know on my Garmin gps you can go in to settings and set up your home address so you just have to click on the home icon on the screen. and it will take you home from wherever you are. Thank you for any help on this .
If you have location services enabled, there will be a location icon at the bottom left of the screen, on Apple maps anyway. Tap that icon and you will be taken to your home location from wherever you are.
Hi Scifan57

I do have the location server enabled but can not find the location on. The Apple map screen sorry thank you
Here's a screenshot of the Apple maps screen, the location button is indicated by the arrow. $image-3015062484.jpg

Edit: this takes you to the location where your iPhone currently is, if you're searching map locations elsewhere in the world.
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Hi Scifan57

Thank you
In google maps you can set a home location. It comes up as an option when you start navigation

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You can set your home address by creating a contact with your own phone number

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In WAZE I have "HOME" saved - every time I enter a location to navigate to it's saved automatically in the Nav screen. Type in your address to navigate to and rename it as "HOME" then scroll through your locations when you want to go home.
Thank you everyone for your help on this
If you create a contact with your number and address simply tell Siri to take you home and she will.