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Map App... Adding Waypoints


Apr 18, 2012
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Is there a way on any IOS map app (Apple Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest) to save a waypoint? For instance, I go to my friend's new house and want to save that location for future reference. On my Garmin, of course this is a snap. But, if I could do that on any IOS map app, I would really have no need for the Garmin!

Does anyone know of a way to do this on an IOS map app?
You can save addresses in Google Maps.

To do, you first have to be signed in to Google. Then, once you've entered the address in the search bar and got the results, you can tap the bottom bar of the display (as seen here - I'd tap on the white bar at the bottom):


Then, after you tap, you get a "Save" or "Share" icon; tap the Save icon:


You'll get a yellow star where the blue used to be, plus it's available under "Your Places" (accessible by tapping the three bar icon in the upper left):


That's how I save things in Google Maps. I don't know about other map apps, as Google is the one I use. But, I am sure they're relatively the same.

Thank you, Marilyn!!

Okay, if you don't know the address of the place (waypoint) you want to save, but you are actually at that spot. Is there now a way to save that location as a favorite?
Thank you, Marilyn!!

Okay, if you don't know the address of the place (waypoint) you want to save, but you are actually at that spot. Is there now a way to save that location as a favorite?


Just drop a pin where you are and then save the pinned place as a favorite using the same steps I outlined above.

Then, it'll be added to your favorites so you can go back to it later.

Well, son of a gun! Got to try that immediately! Thanks, Marilyn, we could have a winner!
Yeah, well, I've changed my mind about using Google Maps to make favorites/bookmarks. The reason? You can't RENAME them!! For example, I made that address from the pics (above) a favorite. But then, no matter how much Googling I did - or editing of bookmarks per Google's own instructions (!) - I could NOT change the name!

So, rather than have you end up with a bunch of street names or random GPS coordinates - for which you'd have no idea to whom/what they relate - may I suggest switching over to Apple's own Maps app. Much to my surprise (chagrin?), it works much better ... and the saved places are editable (so you can ID a saved place for later reference).

Here's how I did it in Apple Maps:

When you first open Apple Maps, you'll see the blue dot for your present location. You can press on it and get a pop-up that says "Current Location." If you tap on the pop-up, you'll be taken to an info screen:


At the upper right is the share button (the box with the arrow coming out of the top). Press that button and then select "Add to Favorites" (it'll show up as a star icon):


The best part is that, once you press on "Add to Favorites," you'll be taken to another screen where you get to name the favorite!:


Once you save the Favorite (button's in upper right), you can get to all your Favorites by (a) tapping in the Search bar and then (b) tapping the Favorites line:



Easy as pie!

Then, you can do the same process if you drop a pin to create the spot or enter in an address. You can save any of these searches as Favorites so you can access them later.

To top it all off - you can easily go back into your Favorites and edit them. So, you can change the names as you wish.

I have to say I regret telling you about the Google Maps method - because of the inability to ID your Favorites in a way that you can remember them (despite what Google says - editing the bookmarks on the PC/Mac Does. Not. Work). Hopefully you haven't gotten too far and this [easier] way with Apple Maps will work for you.

I believe I will now start using the Apple Maps app more now. Seems way more user friendly! :)

Marilyn, you are a peach! Thanks for the tips using Apple's Map app. Yes, being able to rename the waypoint is pretty critical!

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