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iPhone 4 screen orientation just not working right


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May 28, 2013
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Apps will not sense orientation correctly. Lock icon is off. Happens in all apps. The only way i can switch orientation is to close the app, and then open the app again while my desired orientation is being performed. Has anyone had this? Such a bizarre problem. Is the accelerometer screwed up? I've already done the hard reboot, closed all apps, but nothing. The only thing I haven't done is factory reset but I'm wondering if I shouldn't waste time with it.
I'd think it's more software related than hardware related. If it works after you've shifted the orientation, then it's most likely not the accelerometer's problem since it works when you "pre-prep" the orientation. You can try a restore and see if that fixes the problem. Might just be a hiccup with the software end of things. Just make sure you perform a backup onto your computer or iCloud before doing so.
Well.. hear this. The phone accidentally slipped off my hands today and it fell and slammed on its face. Fell about 5 inches. It's fixed after 3 weeks like this. Couldn't stop laughing. APPLE PRODUCTS. looool.
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