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iOs7 issues

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Mar 4, 2012
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Not aware if there's a thread for this yet but I still own an iPhone 4 and have updated to ios 7 but I'm trying to figure out some basic functions.
First they made me get a podcast app when I used to use the music app, no biggie but my main thing is when I used to double tap the home button--not sure its official name but the big center physical button--to switch apps (or to close them) and I could slide to the left to toggle orientation lock or push play music, fast forward/rewind.
Now when I double tap it's sort of like droid, opens up like an alt-tab screen showing all open apps and a picture window with each one as I slide.
my issue is I'm unable to close these apps the old way, where you press and hold the icon of the app, then they start shaking then click the minus sign to close them. Also the orientation/play button is missing not to mention being able to tweet or post a facebook status from the scrolldown notification window without having to open those apps themselves.
I'm pretty slow with some of this so I'm hoping there are simple solutions for these that I haven't figured out or found out from scrolling through general options. Any advice or tips would help a ton.
Also I can't double click home button while screen is locked to pull up play/fastforward/rewind option for music player either so not having that is inconvenient too.
Thanks in advance,

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