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iPhone 4 Quick Tip #3 - How To Fix Your LED Flash


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

This is a video on how to fix your iPhone 4's LED Flash if it stopped working. People have messaged me asking me how to fix it, so I'll tell them in song...erm...video. Other things you could do is the following:

  • 1. Soft Restart - Hold down power button then "slide to power off"
  • 2. Hard Restart - Hold down both power and home buttons until the Apple logo shows up, then let go.
  • 3. Restore - Connect to iTunes and Restore your iPhone to factory settings.
Last choice it to visit the Apple Store Genius Bar.
LED flash stoping working also? that sucks.. nice tip though good to know incase mine has problems
This is a great point for many people new to the iPhone. You can use this reset list to fix most software glitches. If you call Apple they will step you thru these same steps before trying any specific troubleshooting.