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iPhone 4 Problems


New Member
thanks very much for sharing this, well i also have sth to share here, i come a cross a very good column in aneesoft there are many information and tutorials on how to converter video to iphone4, well hope this can be helpful:)


Staff member
thanks for the info.. seems to be a few problems already mainly antenna, i think the battery drains quickly also, or is that just me?


New Member
I have 2 problems so far:
I sync my iPhone 4 with my outlook and select MERGE info, BUT I tried syncing to my desktop at work AND laptop at home, and the home laptop would wipe out some of the appointments. I have missed 4 appointments so far and it is terribly embarassing. I just tried a sync with outlook and the Yahoo calendar hoping that would work, but Yahoo screwed up the times even though I selected the right time zone. Still am scared to sync anything to my laptop, but feeling frustrated as well. (I've had my phone for over a month, got it the day before the official release)
Secondly, I have a hard time when I'm making calls and the phone screen "sleeps". Then I can't end the call because the display does not come back on. How do I adjust the sleep time. I don't want it to sleep so quickly.


New Member
Sorry one more question, do you know if there are any plans to develop a face time type capability for Skype? When I make Skype with friends I can only hear them and not see them.