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iPhone 4 Home Button not working after iTunes Restore

Alexander Walsh

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Jan 8, 2021
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hi guys
so I bought an Iphone 4 boxed off of eBay in good condition, It came and it was reset to its factory settings, I set it up and all was working well, but some of the last persons data and info was still on it, Facetime account, etc, so i decided to download iTunes on my Windows 10 PC and Restore it, followed all the steps and it was restoring, once is finished the message 'iphone rebooting do not unplug from iTunes' came up with a countdown to when the message was going to close, and then instead of the 'Setup new iPhone' screen, it came up with ' there was a problem restoring or updating iphone 'iphone', please either restore or update. and so I did, and it happened again, in a loop. eventually I unplugged it and it looked alright, had the setup screen on and I set it up all fine until I noticed that the home button had stopped working, have tried all the methods suggested such as calibrating it in a default app and using the 30 pin charger to see if it's a loose connection, I think its definitely software related because I can still enter DFU recovery mode by holding down the power and home button on startup.
Can anyone help, would be highly appriciated.
Many thanks