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  1. A

    iPhone 4 Home Button not working after iTunes Restore

    hi guys so I bought an Iphone 4 boxed off of eBay in good condition, It came and it was reset to its factory settings, I set it up and all was working well, but some of the last persons data and info was still on it, Facetime account, etc, so i decided to download iTunes on my Windows 10 PC and...
  2. Z

    Home button doesn't work, can't "Press home to continue"

    I dropped my iPhone 8 in a pool a few years ago and opened it up and dried/cleaned the insides as best as I could after I fished it out. It still turns on but the home button doesn't respond to my taptic touch nor unlock with my fingerprint. So I decided to factory reset the phone and after a...
  3. Michael Graubart

    Home button does not vibrate

    I have recently upgraded to iPhone 7. I have set Haptics to ‘on’, and I have tried all three settings for Home Button, but in none of them can I feel any ‘haptic’ response when I press the button. Everything else seems to be working well, so this may seem to be unimportant, but since Apple makes...
  4. Maura

    Genuine iPhone 7s Display Assembly Leaks

    Slashleaks has today posted three images that originally appeared on Chinese microblogging website Weibo that are claimed to show the display assembly of the forthcoming iPhone 7s. Slashleaks gives the images a 100% Trust Score, and they certainly do look genuine. The most notable aspect of the...