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iPhone 4 Case Review Thread


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May 27, 2010
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Help others out in the community by posting a quick review of the case you choose for your iPhone 4! Pictures, Videos, etc, the more the better!
I pre-ordered the Caze Ultra Slim Silicone case (0.5 mm thick) in gray for my iPhone 4. I will post a review as soon as it arrives on or around the 24th...
I just ordered the white bumper case and it should be here before I get my hands on the new iphone. I'll be glad to share my thoughts on it.
Best Buy has a few different iFrogz cases for the iPhone 4 available. They also carried some screen protectors.

I picked one up tonight. Nothing fancy, just something to get me buy until then CaseMates become available.
Otter box for me. I have one on my 3G, it's thick but it protects my investment n
My fav case is InvisibleSHIELD from Zagg. It's a bit expensive, but there is a contest from where you can grab InvisibleSHIELD or any other premium case for free.
i am about to order the invisible shield . well dunno if you can call it a case but it protects the phone and you dont have to have an ugly thing on top making the phone ugly to look at lol invisible plastic to cover up. thanks to the guy that posted about it on the other thread:)

Would suggest the zagging invisashield. It's an amazing case. Non slip invisible coverage. It is impossible to get scratches and is invisible if you follow the directions which do require that you get a little moisture on your phone. My dad makes the helicopter blades for blackhawk helicopters and this is the same coating used on helicopter blades to protect from rock and sand damage.

very good for 30 bucks full protection on the phone
so if you drop your phone and it lands on the corner (of the phone) you won't crack the screen like I did on my 3 G with out a case. ?
The reason I'm asking is, I'm not sure which way to go. Heavy bulky (otter box) or slimmer (bumper, iv shIeld)
i dunno, i think its more for scratches but a fall like you mentioned i doubt it..

id rather my phone break then put an ugly case on it lol
im looking at the otterbox website, and most likely will be buying the commuter series case, but which one are yall getting?
Either that Otterbox Defender or Commuter looks pretty good. But I wonder how long it will be until they are available.
Well, I picked up the blue and black ifrogz case at Best Buy for my phone today. I didn't want to go without on my brand new phone. So far it seems like a pretty sturdy case and I like the color and all my buttons are accessible.
My bro said he had the invisible shield for his 3Gs and that it was not very good
Not much to choose from. Looks like the $30 bumper. What a rip!
Found a black silicone case on e bay for around 10$. It fits well and will do until I do my research and decide on a case that suits my needs.