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Otterbox Defender Case Review (Iphone 4)


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Oct 15, 2010
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Hey guys, got my hands on an Otterbox Defender Case for the Iphone 4 and I decided to make a video for you guys. Overall a great case, and i hope you guys find this review helpful and helps you make a choice whether or not to go out and buy one!

I had a Zagg shield and I had to remove it cause it didn't fit into the defender with the Zagg. Extremely tight and I didn't want to force it in.

How did you manage to fit it in with the Zagg?

Also a better alternative in my opinion is the commuter. I've been using the commuter for about a week and liking it better than the defender. Doesn't offer as much protection but to me it offers enough protection. And I can use my Zagg with it as I didn't want to waste my money.

Good review though. I wish the defender had a gasket to protect the back camera/flash like the seidio rugged.

Hey Marc, I didn't seem to have many problems inserting my phone into the case. Everytime i try to insert my phone into the case, it does get stuck a little as I diagonally insert it in, but then i just push the phone straight in with my thumbs and it sort of pops in. It's just that the ZAGG skin really takes up more space than required. When i take out the case though, it's literally glued to the glass case so its sort of a hassel to get it out sometimes. I don't know what to really say since you cant show me in person but all I do is just give it a little force and it will go in nicely.
I have been rocking the defender for a couple months and really like it. I went to watch your video and seen that it was over 8 minutes long !!!! Sorry I quickly hit the done button. If you want to see mine in red check out my review thread with pics.
I have a defender too and its great. Love the design, look, and protection. Well worth $30 bucks. I dont batt an eye when I drop my phone, and hand it over to the kids easily to run off with. My only regret is that I would like a way to plug in the headphones without opening the flap. Wish there was just a hole drilled in there for the headphones. Otherwise its a pretty much perfect case, a little bulky but worth it for the protection. Besides its well designed and looks slick to me. I went with a safe Black one. I take it apart weekly to clean it and my phone stays factory fresh!
good to see another Defender user..:) I agree..I guess it depends if you need the ip4 to be "kid friendly" or not..lol..my kids always want to do something with it..so I have no problem giving it to them with the case.
When I bought my iPhone4 I originally went with the Ballistic case which I thought was WAY too bulky. Saw the OtterBox Defender case, had one on my old 3g iPhone, so I got this one, I went with the blue case. My phone has been in a case since the moment I got it, can never be too safe. I've dropped my phone, granted, it was on carpet, but it bounced around and have had no issues.
The otter is without any doubt the most robust case you can get for your iphone. there are companies out there equipping all staff with the defender to save money on repairs and insurance, it works !!
My son has been using a Otter box for his 3G for over a year now and he told me that is the first thing to get for my new iPhone 4. We actually ordered them and had them here before the phones arrived, so the went from the box to the otter box. Mine is the Red and my wife got the Pink one. I have used the belt clip couple of times, but think I like carrying it in my cargo pocket better.