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Discussion in 'iPhone 8 Plus' started by Norman Thums, Dec 6, 2018.

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    First it is on both of our phones and it started about the same time and it happens on multiple networks so I am certain it was an update. So was it a Verizon update that would have us using a lot more data unless cellular is turned off or is it an Apple update?
    The problem is that Wi-Fi connection takes forever to establish!!! That is for the little icon to show up at the top of the screen after a selection has been made which has a blue check mark. It takes minutes and longer for a connection to work. Often if the phone goes to sleep it is lost and we start over. Sometimes it even looses which network it is supposed to connect to.
    I've tried auto-join and auto-login both off and on. Sometimes it looses the auto-login phrase. And sometimes it will show the same name of my network twice. One will try to connect but the other choice will typically ask for password and then tell me it is wrong.
    So as I am writing this double checking settings it mysteriously started working properly for a short time and now it is back to fubar.
    Also tried with ask to join networks turned on and off.
    And BTW other items such as laptop and TV don't have these issues!!!!
    I've tried working through the communities which keeps giving message "we will be right back".
    And this is not my first rodeo with support. I was having an issue awhile back and they trouble shot my phone with online tools. They decided my phone was telling them it had overheated twice in the last 2 weeks. It certainly was not because of conditions. I was offered I could send phone in. (so be without phone) I could take it to a local place that they authorize or I could take it to an Apple store 3 hours away where they could replace it. I took it to the local place which is able to do more in-depth trouble shooting. They verified the overheating and said it was the main board which they could not replace. They offered to send it in. I knew the following week I would be in the city with Apple store. So after finishing my appointments at the VA hospital I located it and had to park a half-mile away. I got to the store and they put me in the queue to be seen in little over a hour. Walk back to the car to feed the meter more money and back at the store they are not quite ready for me so they waste my time with trying to sell more product. Finally they check my phone and dismiss the overheating saying it is very common and not a problem.

    Does anyone have an idea what is going on?
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    Welcome to iPhone Forums!

    Just an idea: do you use VPN? If so, disable it in Settings, turn off the VPN in the app, or remove the app. I had a problem with my iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi recently, and found out that this service hindered my device from joining known networks.
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