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iOS 7 - Storage Almost Full - Unaccounted Storage Usage


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Dec 4, 2012
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iPhone 5 / 64GB / 7.0.4 / evasi0n jailbreak

As you can see (I'll post the screenshot in the next post), 57.1 GB with 0 available, and the apps below clearly do not comprise that. Even so, I added up the size of all apps here and they're just under 28GB. What is using the other 30GB?

I have iCloud turned off. I synced with iTunes and the space is under "Other". Even so, I had 17GB of additonal music on my phone that I got rid of to clear space, and that free space got sucked right up.

I looked for the [Unflod.dylib Unflod.plist framework.dylib framework.plist] malware, but the files did not exist so I think I'm in the clear there.

I used iFile to get rid of the contents of SMS attachments, but that didn't really help at all. Then I ran iCleaner yesterday and it got me back 500MB, but I'm back to 0 again. However, I ran it today and it only freed up 100MB. Still, that's barely 1% of that 30GB.

Also, as a note, when I upgraded from iOS 6 to iOS 7, I did wipe, restore, then import the backup. That could have brought over the dead images and dead SMS attachments that seem to only be resolved by restoring and not using an import, or using this iBackupBot solution: You back up, use thiBackupBot s to wipe out the HomeDomain/Library/SMS and MediaDomain/Library/SMS folders (I wish I could do that with iFile, but I can't find them), then restore and import that backup, but that would lose my jailbreak. Obviously if I have to then I have to, but I'd like to exhaust all options before doing so.

Any help would be great. I really don't want to have to restore and lose my JB.

To add a little more onto this issue, when viewing in iTunes, this shows up as "Other Data". The part that is baffling is that when I started getting these messages a week ago, and then remove 17GB of music from my phone, the issue automatically consumed all of that space.

My phone is limping around with such minimal free memory...I run iCleaner every hour, and it still finds 600 files to remove. I can't even open Voxer because it needs 15MB to load. I did a hard reset, and the Messages app now shows 5 convos from recently-added contacts that only show the number, so the contacts is gone.

I think these are my options:

First, I'm going to back up tonight and install iBackupBot, and see if the HomeDomain/Library/SMS and MediaDomain/Library/SMS folders are packed like some solutions state.

Seconds, since I don't want to restore if I don't have to, I could try "removing my jailbreak". That would only consist of remove all of my tweaks one-by-one, correct? Or is there a way to further remove the jailbroken state?

Lastly, I'll probably have to wipe it clean. If I go to Settings > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings -or- Reset All Settings, will any of those wipe clean without having to reinstall the OS? That would be great, then I could stay on 7.0.4 and not lost my JB-ability.

Thoughts? Has anyone experienced this at all??
Okay, update on progress of the above...

I installed iBackupBot and checked those two directories, and zip, zero, nada inside. So, I'm stuck with likely having to restore to entirely address this. I uninstalled my 4 most recent apps, and it seems to be performing better, though there is still such little free space, and 20GB of "other data" when viewing in iTunes. And from what I've read, what I did above and restoring are the only ways to clear out the "other data". Does anyone know of another route?
I'm interested in knowing too. I suffer from this on my 4S and my iPad (but not on my 5S yet). Once I cleared it by deleting my backup and shutting off my iCloud BU then restarting it, but that only worked once (and only on my 4S) so may have been coincidence. It isn't just iOS 7 that does this.
No luck here, except for finding some directories with iFile that had a lot of old photo data that I got rid of. The few photos I still had after that no longer had image data, only thumb view. I got rid of them, because I use Dropbox camera upload to back up all of my pics. However, after this, iTunes could no longer read my phone, so I had no choice but to restore, after of course taking screenshots of my app pages and folders and active SMS convos, and running Contact Sync for GMail. Restored, 7.1.1, built from the ground up without restoring from backup. FU Apple...you've gone to crap without Steve. HTC One M8?