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Full Storage, new IOS, RESTORE, no BACKUP.......WANNA DIE !!!!


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Oct 21, 2015
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Hello Guys,
Im panicking....

I have an Iphone 5S.

For days/weeks I got the message to upgrade to the new IOS and I always clicked NO NO.

Yesterday night I think i clicked yes for error then abandoned the upgrade.

This morning I woke up with the phone saying "STORAGE FULL" and in the settings it says 0 BYTES

Im sure I had almost 1gb free.

I try to remove some apps but still says 0 BYTES.

Only option is to connect to Itunes.

It starts the backup right away, seems fine and then start to install the new IOS (I think the 9.0.2).

Phone is restored then I go to recover the backup and it starts loading like usual but at the end of it, after about 20-30mins it says " iphone could not be restored, backup is corrupted"


I do local backups every month but Itunes saves only the last one which is corrupt (cause the storage was messed up?).

I tried the Iclouds recover but there were no backups either.

I lost 15gb of photos, 1000 contacts and much more.

My only hope is:

- 1 month ago I did the local backup on the computer and I copied/pasted the whole folder "Apple Computer" under user-appdata-roaming into a USB pen.

I tried to replace it into my pc but into Itunes when i select that backup it says "it cant restore from backup cause backup doesnt exist". But IT EXIST, it shows in Itunes with the date.

Maybe It cant use it bacuse it was made with the iphone having a previous Ios ?

Im dying.

Any software could help me to extract data (photos, contacts) from that backup folder ???
Oh, sorry, I'm late. I think maybe initially when your iPhone saying"STORAGE FULL" is because you suspend upgrade and this may result in addition of temporary files, caches, and other files. Because there are just too many things that require physical storage. it's seems like your phone is filled with cached files and data. That can include:
  • Documents & Data
  • Safari browsing data
  • Mail data
  • iTunes data, including files that have been streamed (which can be BIG).
Now, you want to retrieve your data( photos, contacts) from backup folder, you can connect your iPhone 5s to the computer that you stored your backup on, then open iTunes, get the latest version. Then Go to File > Devices > Restore from Backup. If you're using Windows and don't see a File menu, press the Alt key. Then look at the date, select that backup, click restore and wait for the process to finish.

If above method still doesn' work, and you want to try some software. Maybe you can "google" some recovery software, one of my friends used a tool named iMyfone D-Back, it seems an iPhone Data Recovery expert to recover lost data. Alao there are some other software, you can have a look. I hope you have solved this trouble.