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Jun 15, 2010
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i forgot who asked if it was free or not, turns out you have to pay £2.99

i purchased it but not sure how much i will use it. i thought it was going to be free with the phone
They way he talked about it in the Keynote it seemed like it was coming with the phone. But I will still be paying or it, price doesn't seem too bad.
Yeah that's what I thought. Some one was asking on this forum and I was sure it would be free. But the price is ok 2.99 I think, I bought it so though not sure how much I'll use it
I don't see the actual app as being available yet on the itunes app store. There are two manuals for $4.99 but no imovie app. If I am missing something, help me out here. Thanks.
5$ isn't a bad price really, I've paid much more for a app that I never use. I'd prolly give this one some play time when on vacation or waiting for something.
I found it, I downloaded it, now I have to learn to use it. I don't really want to pay another $4.99 for a "how to" app on how to use the imovie app. I do have imovie on my Mac and have used it but not so often that it comes easily. I would like to get good at this app and be able to send video to family and friends.
i dont like imovie i paid £2.99 for it but i dont like it.. the default app that you use on the iphone is the same thing imo..
I don't like how imovie almost doubles the size of your video file.
i just dont like imovie, probably because i cant add text to the movies and when i screen shot notes it cuts half the text and then its just annoying to try use it touch screen only. i let my brother download it free with my pass and email though