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iMovie Video Showcase


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Jul 3, 2010
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There is a bunch of threads for people posting videos made with their iP4. There should probably be a single thread for each of these categories, maybe more. Shot with iP4 and composed with iMovie, shot with iP4 and composed with another mobile app and shot with iP4 and composed with a computer application.

This thread could be the first. Feel free to post all iP4/iMovie vids here. This vid is nothing special but serves to demonstrate the ability to create viewable vids in the field. Imagine when people start doing it where news happens.

Nice video. I prefer individual video threads as well so I don't have to look through pages of videos on one thread.
Yup one thread for iPhone 4 videos every forum I'm on has it this way and it's been great so far. But I'm talking random videos if u have a nice video to showcase then that should involve it's own thread.
This is a small pond I built into my deck. Since the song I chose as audio accompaniment is owned by Sony, they slap an ad on it. New to me. :) I'm guessing the first fix they'll do to iMovie is the exaggerated volume range from quiet to loud. Another is more themes and like others have said, being able to use more than one audio track. I'd also like to be able to insert a 'slowing motion' tag, so a video segment closes with a slowing to still efffect. OH! Also a 'snap to' control so when you use an audio track, all transitions snap to or occur on a dominant audio beat. All simple things I'm guessing.

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