The Unsatisfied Release New Concept Video Shot on iPhones

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    Contact: Eric Turner, The Unsatisfied


    The Unsatisfied Release New Concept Video Shot on iPhones

    Chattanooga's punk icons, The Unsatisfied are releasing their new video for 'Apocalypse of Joan' from their fourth independent CD 'Songs the Belt taught Us" (Shame records). This is the first official video release from the album that came out in late Spring of 2011. The video will be available on The Unsatisfied's YouTube Channel and the single will be available on the band's website to download for FREE beginning November, 25 (Black Friday).The 'Apocalypse of Joan' video was recorded entirely on two Apple iPhones and presents The Unsatisfied in their weirdest endeavor to date. Complete with such imagery as blood-dripping zombies and semi-subliminal flashes of ghosts, the group performs amid the remnants of a post-apocalyptic world. " The iPhones give it that grainy, over-driven 8mm look", said Johnny Stockman, guitarist and Director of the video. "It's Salvador Dali meets Bela Lugosi with a rock'n'roll soundtrack", states vocalist Eric Scealf.After years of comparison to Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and Jane's Addiction, The Unsatisfied have held their own once again, proving that with a little technology and a lot of creativity the underground can be truly groundbreaking.

    To Watch the Video:
    Apocalypse of Joan - YouTube​
    For Your Free Download of the Song go to:

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