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iControlPad Turns Jailbroken iPhone into Console Controller


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Jun 18, 2010
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CNET's Crave Gadget Blog reports today on the iControlPad, which enables you to insert a jailbroken iPhone into a console-style gamepad add-on that is then connected via a sync cable. The iControlPad's designer, Craig Rothwell, told Crave that the device locks the iPhone securely in place with a spring-mechanism padlock. The device also has an integrated battery, which Rothwell says could greatly increase the iPhone's battery life. Although it looks like a pretty cool idea, the iControlPad is not officially supported by Apple, so therefore you can only run specially written games on it, and it will only work with a jailbroken iPhone. Basically then, it's really more of a prototype or "proof of concept", even though Rothwell says that he will be making 3,000 units available this September. However, it does let us see what exactly could be done in terms of adding a physical controller for the iPhone, should Apple ever be minded to do so.

To find out more about the iControlPad development and design, visit the official site here.

Source: CNET
ha thats crazy, but nw its easier to just put a bluetooth keyboard unless your traveling