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Official iPhone Controller Support Coming With iOS 7


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Jun 18, 2010
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MCVUK reports today that the forthcoming iOS 7 update will feature support for iOS-compatible game controllers via a dedicated API, which includes standardised rules for design, button placement, time of response and analogue stick dead zones. MCVUK says that two designs have already been approved by Apple for iOS controllers, one being for a cradle/case design that you would place your iPhone into, and the other being for a standalone wireless controller. MCVUK says that there is no official word as yet from Apple about whether or not this news signals the imminent arrival of an official iOS game controller, but it must be a pretty good bet that Apple has something like that in mind. Third-party controllers have proved popular with iOS gamers, but they are often restricted to just a few licensed games. Imagine if every app in the App Store was to be compatible with an official iOS controller?! Official Apple-branded controllers would surely fly out of Apple Retail stores?! I really like the sound of the cradle-type design as well, which would effectively turn your iPhone into a Nintendo DS-type device, and presumably protect your phone at the same time? [/FONT]

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