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iCloud Photostream and Windows 8.1 not syncing


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Jan 26, 2015
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I've had this issue since I got my laptop last February. My laptop had Windows 8 and the Photostream worked for a very short time. Then I updated to Windows 8.1. No change really. What is funny is the Shared folders sync fine, just not the Photostream. I've tried so many things this past year and finally gave up. I tried again when the newest iCloud 4.0 came out and still no change. Does anybody have any insight on how to get these two to work together?
Welcome to iPhoneForums, @Lee Moore!

There are a few fixes on this site, especially for Windows 8.1:
Get help using My Photo Stream - Apple Support
Did you try these as well?

I did :( It's funny because the My Photo Stream has always worked uploading pics in the cloud. Other than seeing something new to try, the only other thing I haven't tried is actually wiping my laptop hard drive and starting fresh. I hate to do that, because there's no guarantee that will fix the problem. I was excited when 4.0 came out thinking it would fix the prob. :(
Sorry, I have no idea what else you could try, except for using Photo Sharing instead of PhotoStream. Pictures and videos loaded to iCloud Photo Sharing don't use storage space in your iCloud account, you can leave them there as long as you need them, and there's no limit (days, number of images per day). It would be the better solution for you, I think, because you've already said that it's working.
I've thought about trying that and just uploading pics I know I want to keep. I've been beaten down trying to fix this already so it's not as high of a priority to fix as it once was, but I look from time to time. I'll post up if I happen to find a solution.

Thanks for the welcome. :)

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