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How to transfer photos from backup of one iphone to a different iphone.


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Feb 20, 2015
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I have a iphone5 that was water damaged. It turns on and has display but it does not respond to Swipe in order to unlock the phone: basically useless. I did have a back up to desktop (Windows 7) a few weeks ago. I got a new iphone 5. Contacts were restored from iCloud but I cannot figure out how to transfer the photos from the old phone’s backup onto the new phone. Is this possible to do? Thank you.
Welcome to iPhoneForums, cl6120!

To get the photos from the backup to your new device, you'll have to restore from that backup. This means: connect your iPhone to iTunes. Do not backup the current content, or else the other backup will be gone. Then select "Restore iPhone" to set it back to factory settings. After restoring, you'll be able to restore from the backup with the photos.

Hope that helps.