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How to get Internet


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Aug 27, 2010
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On my 3G I can just go to network then set APN but there's no such option for iphone4. Does anyone know how to get to T-Zone (T-Mobile)? It works fine with wireless routers.
well, i do have read an article in aneesoft tutorial, which gives a step by step guide on how to tethering iphone with ipad by using a app which named myfi, maybe you can follow their guide.
Its in Settings > General > Network > Mobile Data Network
On Iphone4 after you selected Network, the only option is turning the Cellular data on or off. No APN option for you to type in wap.voicestream.com
right under the cellular data cellular data network option click that and that will take you to APN option where you can type WAP.
I hope that help.
I know where APN should be, I had just recently upgraded to Iphone4 from 3G. The problem is all I could do with "cellular data" is either on or off. On 3G you click on the right arrow next to "cellular data" and it will open up APN menu. Not on Iphone4, either on or off and thats it.
Found it, works great. Thanks all

Open Safari Browser with your iPhone 4, go to help.benm.at, go to the very bottom and click on Tethering. If your Country isn’t listed, go all the way down to the bottom and create a custom APN and set your APN Settings there and click on Download. That’s it!
DO NOT use the above instruction yet. My phone dies an hour ago, don't know what's the cause yet.
False alarm, a reset through Itunes brough the phone back up and running again.
Its the password to your box. im guessing you haven't ever logged into your box so the number came with the box. if you lost the number to your box. then im not sure what to do.