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How Siri almost got me killed!

Sorry if I pissed someone off. It is true & I thought it was real funny. The healing part wasn't true. My apologies to the higher up's.
No apology needed.
I wasnt pissed off. I just felt it pointless. But it was kinda funny
Gave me a chuckle - I would of chucked it into the general iphone category also to be honest (afterall its a general post about the potential danger of using a iphone feature?)

Who knows - Perhaps this information might save somebodys life hahahahha (Im sure theres a few wives out there you really dont want to mess with lols)
LMAO! this is funny!!! so dog house tonight?? don't worry man just some ppl don't have a little humor
dude you brought a smile to my face.

Thanks for the heads up.....lol

As for a call to close this thread.... get a grip ! rolls eyes.
I applaud your view on this.

Im a super moderator on another forum and would have acted the same as you on this one !
We all need a little humor once in awhile, most times life is way too serious. Thanks for the chuckle