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How much RAM does the iPhone 4 need?


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May 27, 2010
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Well, we know that the iOS 4 upgrade is going to bring multitasking to the table. That's usually quite a memory hog since you need to keep multiple applications in memory now instead of just the OS and the single application running.

That increases your requirements exponentially based on the amount of multitasking you are going to be doing... so how much is really needed? How about double what the iPhone 3GS has. The iPhone 4 is rumored to have 512MB of RAM to keep things snappy.

MacRumors broke the news and you can read the full article here: iPhone 4 Confirmed to Have 512MB of RAM (Twice the iPad and 3GS) - Mac Rumors
should be more than enough.. droid does multitasking on 256, so i would say 512 even leaves room to grow.
To me this is a more than welcome improvement. Its easy to see the 3G/3GS 128/256 improvement. Even tho this may be a bit overkill at first....it gives room for many more background API's
It wasn't long ago when 512mb ram was standard for a computer running Windows 98/XP. The technology in this phone is just amazing when you stop and think about it!
Yeah it is. And I remember my dad having a laptop with win95 or even 98 with only a 10GB Hardrive, and we thought that was a lot then. And now carrying 32GB on you cellphone is crazy.
I think it all comes down to the UI...its so smooth. You have all these other 1GHz phones out there that easily get bogged down. The 3GS starts even complex apps very fast....i cant wait to see it in action!
I agree the I phone operating system is more intuitive than Android and is easier to use than android in my opinion.
Well I wasn't going to name any names....lol Im no android hater.. They are good phones and allow some to use features they can't get on the iPhone. But the less time I havetoo spend closing apps that I don't need just so I can make a call or searching for a power source for my very thirsty EVO the better.
i gave up on the iphone went to nokia i always had nokia before, after the n97 i wont be buying nokia again