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How Did You Fall For That One?


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Jun 30, 2010
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It's recently come to my attention all the bogus apps out there. It's a shame that they get through validation and put on the app store. But my oh my do they provide humor.

It's ridiculous that people think some of these things are legit! Here's one of my favorites:
Mirror in your pocket for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Like did you really think this app was going to change the substance of your screen? Reading the comments just make it all the better. One of the better one asks "Do you think we're 3 years old?" Well... I'll let that one stand as a rhetorical question..

So anyone else know of some funny scam apps that made it into the app store that you can't believe people believed in the first place?
I like how it's 1 dollar too lol
should be free imo
apple are getting lazy.. they say its so nothing bad gets through when it does
One piece of advice ALWAYS read the reviews! There are always 100 people that fell for a bad app before you. So don't buy untill you see what others really think about it!
Yup, I've learned that as well, ALWAYS read the reviews and see what others THAT HAVE ALREADY TRIED IT have to say about it.
Unfortunately it's getting more and more common. As previously said the reviews are the most important thing to remember. Don't go by the star ratings as they can be deceiving...