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Help me please


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Nov 27, 2014
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I'm french and I live in France.

I buy an Iphone 5s on ebay.fr but there're blocked AT&T.
The clean phone, I check with Apple.

I call customer service AT&T but do not speak english, I couldn't explain my problem and I did not mobile AT&T number.

I would like to know how I can make unlocked by AT&T?

If someone speaks french and that he want to help me I would be really happy.

Thank you for your help and happy thanksgiving!
I've deleted the other post made by you on this same topic. Besides fragmenting any resulting conversation, making it hard to follow, duplicate posting is also against our rules.

In regards to your problem, AT&T will not normally unlock an iPhone unless it's out of contract and the unlocking request is made by the original owner. Was the iPhone described as being locked to AT&T in the eBay auction listing? If not, you should be able to open a item not as described dispute to get your money back if it has been less than 45 days since the auction ended. Unless, of course, the seller voluntarily gives you a refund.