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Jun 17, 2015
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The major reason for me to do this is because i have for a longer time been frustrated about Apples new iPhone.
Helllooooooo, Why the hell have they been i Samsungs bed sleeping when they design the new phone?
I mean, before you could acctually see that you choose to be an iPhone geek. Now you have to tell people what phone you have.

<<<<<<<Please bring back the Apple so the bite missing don't have to be alone>>>>>>>>

I don't want to be mistaken for an Andorid when I'm an iOS. This is sad. What happened to the creative, innovative group of Apples that made beautiful and special phones.
Ok, you made a bigger "width/height" phone, but it's been done before
Ok, you made a thinner phone, but it's been done before

and really is that something we need, well some poeple like it, but I and I believe many like me like a phone that fits in hte pocket of my jeans og shorts when i dont carry a bag or any thing.

SO you making bigger iphones and smaller iPads.

Today i bying a new phone, it will be a 5si will be bying iohone as long as u can get a new 5s. but i will never let myself by the 6 and have to explain to my friends what phone i have. where their resposn is "oh, i thought i was a samsung"

PLEASE, design group, make more Apples, we have to many grapes alleready.


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We are a forum dedicated to iPhone, We have no connection with Apple and no influence on design ect .
We are a forum dedicated to iPhone, We have no connection with Apple and no influence on design ect .

Well last time i checked iphone was a product of Apple:), and I'm a true iPhone, iPad, Apple lover. I guess my questioning about the iPhone's newest design is a proper question in this forum. I dont ask the forum directly or any one special at all, but more speaking my mind about what i think about their new phones. there is no correct answer or a wrong answer. Is't about feelings and how someones experience about a product or a service is. :(:):p:D emoes
Welcome to iPhone Forums!

What Poisonivy means is that this forum is not owned by Apple, nor is it connected with Apple in any way. Since Apple will not read any comments made here, comments directed to Apple will not become known to them.
oh yes, I under understand, no problem. :):):)

Have a nice day both u'all