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Has anyone's iPhone 6 plus bend yet?

Jason Mase

Sep 17, 2014
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london, London
After seeing so much news of peoples phones bending online, i wanted to know in the forum if any one occurred this common problem?
According to Apple only 9 people called and complained about bending phones so it does not seem like a common problem. . I went by Best Buy and looked at the 6 plus, looks pretty solid to me except a little slippery so does need a case.
Hi, I bought mine new from Apple store, it hasn't left the house yet because im waiting on a case and screen protector for it, it hasn't really been in my rear pocket but it has been in my front pocket, and funny enough there is no bend whatsoever :).

Fact : every phone will bend given the circumstances, plastic handsets can return to their normal shape, unfortunately the iphone 6 & 6+ are Anodised aluminum and will have been tested to high standards but metal being metal it doesn't always return to its preformed shape, oddly enough the ion strengthened glass used on the front display has certainly maintained its claims adding possible thoughts to it adding a balanced strength to make up for the thinness of the phone whilst maintaining integrity .

Given the scale of problems reported against the global number of handsets sold this could purely be scaremongering by only a few people and by using the press to air their problems simply sensationalize the few problems they're experiencing .

iOS 8.1 on the other hand was problematic, fortunately I didn't download the update .
we have 2 iPhone 6+ in the family, one since launch date that travels a lot for work and in a pocket a lot, the other I've had for about 3 days and it's in my back pocket a lot even when I'm out doing horse chores every night and neither phones have bent.

I think this is a minor thing, all phones are subject to this possibility. Apple said they would stand behind them if they do bend. Just use common sense I guess.
People who buy a smart phone and don't case it will always complain. Usually you hear them complain about dropping it and the screen breaking. Now they have found something else to complain about. If they hate it so bad, go buy an android.

I don't see the bending as an issue. I didn't buy the phone to stick in my back pocket uncased so I can sit on it all day. I carry it in my front pants pocket and shirt pocket uncased; no bending noticed.
Good Grief! There is no bending issue. Consumer Report has proven the bending is actually hard to do. They did testing. It's amazing how some jerk can put a video on YouTube and everyone goes nuts. It's now officially a non issue.

iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Bend Test - Consumer Reports News

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A bit of common sense in the use and handling of an electronic device will go a long way......
Lol I don't get it I purchased my iPhone 6 plus to use not to bend it's not a brick of iron. If you try and bend a phone guess what it will bend. I don't put my phone in my back pocket nor do I wear tight pants so I'm sure I'll be fine. If it does bend Apple will replace it.
I am scared to put the iPhone in my pocket and when i do sometimes, i get paranoid if the phone will bend.
Search for consumer reports article on this. It has proven that "bendgate" is overblown hype......
I've got it. Nice stuff

CLICK HERE FOR LINK >>>>>> iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Bend Test - Consumer Reports News

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