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Guys, help about activation, unlocking and the contract leftover after unlocking


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Apr 8, 2012
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Well,I was thinking of an iPhone 4.Primary place of use:-India.iPhone on contract are cheap in US.So will be importing one in India through one of my dad's friends.My ques:-
1)How can I activate the iPhone 4 without activating it with an AT&T card?????Or directly bringing it in India????
2)How do I unlock the iPhone 4 on iOS 5?????
3)What happenss to the contract of AT&T after I unlock the iPhone 4???????......(I mean the AT&T contract will still be on eve if I unlock the iPhone 4.Even will the contract be on after I unlock the iPhone????...A bit doubtful about it.)
Please help me about it.Thanks in advance.Please reply...Regards from Pratt54
1. You will need a AT&T sim to activate.
2. You will need a Gevey sim to unlock your iPhone. As long a its still on IOS 5.0. Anything above that and your SOL. AT&T will not unlock it as it is still under contract.
3. You willl have to pay whatever AT&T wants for you to pay to buy out your contract. That will be whatever AT&T see's fit to charge you depending on how many months are left on your agreement with them. After that you may be able to get AT&T to unlock it.

You should just buy if factory unlocked.