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GPS Problem!


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Jul 9, 2010
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Ok so i use my Google maps as a sat nav, not ideal i know but on my 8G 3G it worked perfectly and it was free.

With the iphone 4 though I’m having some major issues. Firstly the compass is all new to me as it wasn’t available on the 3G but for some reason my map seems to spin constantly and it never puts the road in front of me it’s always swinging to the sides?

Next issue is that the purple line that is laid out in front of you seems to keep cutting off on the iphone 4? i have to slow down or stop for the line to reappear. What’s that all about? i never had that issue with my 3G ever!

the purple line should never go off even if it is using 3g as the route is permanent?

Is anyone else having issues? im so disappointed with the GPS at the mo its untrue