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Got my son a phone and it wont activate *Help*


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Nov 14, 2012
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Hi Lee. Yes, I also had the same thing - "No Service" after the jailbreaking the 3GS with redsnow. I played around with it. I'm just trying to recall what exactly, I did to get the service back. I had some trial and errors after that one. The steps I posted above was originally from another user in a different forum.

After jailbreaking it using an ipsw of 6.0 and downgraded the baseband, I ended with No Service (with correct SIM) but it already bypassed the activation part so that's the good news.

Try this one - Jailbreak it using evasion 1.5. Check what would happen. If it doesn't work, restore it with 6.0 ipsw using redsnow or restore it using itunes or jailbreak it again using redsnow with 6.0 ipsw.

Then jailbreak it with evasion 1.5. If I remember it correctly, it was the jailbreaking in evasion 1.5 that gave me the signal back on the 3GS.

It took me more three hours poking around and trying different combinations until I got it fixed.
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