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Help with activating an ex jailbroken 3GS


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Aug 7, 2010
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Sorry for asking this again as I am sure this has been answered many times as I have looked on the forum. I "think" I know what I need to do but could do with some clarification please?
My wife has been using her sister's old 3GS that we needed to get unlocked so she could use it on T-Mobile. I didn't do the unlock as there was a guy who was local to us that we got to do it (and he isn't around anymore). I have no idea how he carrier unlocked the 3GS but I think the phone was running iOS 4.1. My wife is now using my old iPhone 4 and I basically want to use the 3GS as an iPod (no intention of using it as a phone at all). This is what I did:
On the 3GS I told it to erase as to do a factory reset.
Once this was done it stuck on the Apple logo
Managed to get it into DFU mode via iTunes and the device updated to 6.1.3
It is now telling me that I can't activate as the servers cannot be contacted and iTunes is telling me that a SIM isn't inserted (when it is)
I have found out that the original carrier for the phone was o2 and, luckily, we have some spare SIM cards at work that belong to o2 so I have put one of those in but I am still getting the same errors when trying to activate and also in iTunes (and also geting No Service but the SIM is active as I have tried it in a standard Nokia and I was able to make calls etc.)
To fix this am I right in thinking that I need to download redsn0w and a IPSW 6.0 and just jailbreak and hactivate the device?

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