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Google Voice is Finally Released to the App Store!


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Jun 18, 2010
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The Google Voice Blog announced its imminent arrival last week, but now, after several false starts, Google Voice for iPhone has finally hit the App Store today! According to the blog post, the app will provide all the major Google voice features for your iPhone, such as cheap international calls, free texting to U.S. numbers, voicemail transcription, and the ability to display your Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls. As well as all this though, the app will also introduce some brand new features designed to greatly improve your Google Voice experience on your iPhone, such as push notifications which will alert you instantly when you get a new voicemail or text message, and the fact that most of your calls will be made via Direct Access Numbers, which should mean that you get connected as fast as you would with regular phone calls.

You can download Google Voice for free here. Note that it’s currently only available in the U.S., and that you’ll need a Google Voice account in order to use it.

Source: Google Voice Blog
you beat me to it =]

Phil, I love your videos. More people should really give you thumbs up! :)
What is the difference between the voice memos that comes with the iPhone and the new google voice? I am trying to avoid overdoing it. Is it a must have? Thanks.
It's a VOIP like a skype call only using google so if your a big google user it could come in handy.
It's a VOIP like a skype call only using google so if your a big google user it could come in handy.

I listened to a video about Google Voice on my computer trying to decide whether it is worth getting. I am mainly interested in texting since Google Voice advertises free texting. (AT&T charges for texting and I pay $5.00 a month for 200 text messages, but they also have unlimited texting for more money)

It appears to me that they assign you a Google number and when you text somebody your Google telephone number will show up, which means to me that anybody else you want to text also has to have Google Voice. It did not state that in the video but if anyone wants to listen to the video and give some feedback of their interpretation, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

You also get a free phone # that you can fully control and forward to simultaneously ring up to 6 other #s. You can select the phone # by number or phrase. For example I'm a competitive defensive pistol shooter, so I got XXX.SHOOTIN and also XXX.9MM.WINS (I have two GMAIL accounts). You can only have one GV # forwarded to another phone # though, so for now "shootin" goes to my iPhone, and "9mm wins" goes to my home # and I don't give out the latter yet.

You can also use the Google Voice "call widget" to insert into Facebook so people can call you-anonymously if they like. With each call you can answer or forward to voice mail. if you forward to voice mail you can screen the caller and take the call while they are leaving the voice mail.

The GV app lets you make nationwide calls or send texts using your GV phone # as the sending #. GV on you PC let's you text for free from your PC.

All quite nice for free.
from the little I know of it< it IS not a V O I P as stated above. it is kind of like a hub that routes all calls, like the operator of old days?
anyway. I got on here looking for info on how to use it with an a list for free calls? BEFORE the app, I used to call GV and with multitasking, could go to my contacts, and switch back to the GV call and then put in the numbers.. It worked. I have my GV number in my a list. now with the app, I thought this was great! I can just open the app, it has all my contacts in it, dial them etc.. I am now finding out they go through numerous different national numbers and they are not on my a list so I am accruing all.
Other than just forgetting about the app, and going back to the LONG old way, I don't know how to make it work. I figured somebody here might? thanx! dan