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Getting a replacement iPhone when battery is dying


Mar 15, 2013
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I've heard you can get a brand new (?) iPhone if your battery has reached a certain point of old age and use, by turning the old device in, paying some fee, and waiting a few days/weeks. Does anyone know if you really get a new or just a refurbished one? I heard you only get 3 months of warranty for the new device, so I'm a little wary about this.
Apple replaces batteries, in store, for a fee. They used to swap out your phone if you had Applecare and the battery was starting to fail or if your phone was under warranty with a failing battery. But that was before they gained the ability to change batteries in the Apple Store. If you don't fit in those categories, JA's suggestion may work for you.
And as I also gained the ability to change the battery, I'll probably do this myself. :)