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iPhone Battery Replacement Wait Times Are Longer Than Ever


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Jun 18, 2010
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According to new information from Barclays, via MacRumors, people waiting to get their old iPhone battery replacement will now have to wait longer than ever, with average wait times increasing from 2.7 weeks to 4.5 weeks. Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz gleaned the data via checks on a number of Apple Stores.

MacRumors writes that some iPhone owners have been complaining that they have heard nothing from Apple weeks after requesting a battery replacement.

Apparently, exactly how long you might have to wait depends on your location, and also on what phone you are needing the battery replacement for. It seems that you’ll have an easier, and quicker, job getting a replacement battery for your iPhone 7, whereas you can expect to be waiting a lot longer for a replacement battery for your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6 Plus, with the latter having the longest wait time of all, sometimes stretching to months.

This backs up Apple’s announcement in January that iPhone 6 Plus battery replacements are in very short supply, due to the phone no longer being on the market.

Another problem with the replacement scheme is that when the batteries do finally arrive, so many people are wanting Genius Bar appointments in order to have their new batteries fitted that there are not enough slots available for customers with issues with other Apple products. This is proving particularly problematic in areas where there are not many Apple Stores.

Barclays adds that the increased delay signifies that there is still a strong demand for replacement batteries, and, in turn, that more iPhone owners are choosing to replace the battery in their old phone rather than buy a new one.

Source: Wait Times for iPhone Battery Replacements Increasing

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