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  1. Maura

    Apple Offering $50 Credit for 2017 iPhone Battery Replacements

    According to a new report from 9to5 Mac today, Apple will give $50 credit to anyone who paid for an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement in 2017, prior to the discounted replacement scheme set in place by Apple as a result of "batterygate." As an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement...
  2. Maura

    iPhone Battery Replacement Wait Times Are Longer Than Ever

    According to new information from Barclays, via MacRumors, people waiting to get their old iPhone battery replacement will now have to wait longer than ever, with average wait times increasing from 2.7 weeks to 4.5 weeks. Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz gleaned the data via checks on a number of...
  3. Maura

    iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacements Delayed Until March or April Due to Supply Shortages

    MacRumors reports today that an internal document that was sent to Apple Stores and Apple Authorised Service Providers and seen by MacRumors states that iPhone 6 Plus replacement batteries are in scarce supply and therefore will not be available to customers until late March/early April in the...
  4. Maura

    Apple Hit With More Than 26 Lawsuits After Admitting Slowing Down Older iPhones

    MacRumors reports that Apple is now facing more than 26 lawsuits worldwide over its recent admission that it slowed down older iPhones deliberately in order to prolong battery life. There are 24 class actions in the US alone already underway, including two that were filed on Thursday by Marc...
  5. Maura

    $29 Battery Replacement Scheme Could Cost Apple 16 Million iPhone Sales

    9to5 Mac reports that according to Barclays analyst Mark Moscowitz, Apple’s $29 battery replacement program could result in the company losing 16 million iPhone sales, with a 4% reduction in overall revenue. Moscowitz says that even though Apple gained positive PR by apologising for slowing...
  6. Maura

    Apple Will Replace Any iPhone 6 or Newer Battery Without Requiring Diagnostics

    MacRumors reports today that according to a new note from Apple to its customers, “anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced” can have the battery replaced for the new reduced fee of $29. And while the note does not mention whether or not the phone would have to have...
  7. Maura

    Apple’s $29 iPhone Battery Replacement Program Has Already Started

    Following Apple’s recent apology and announcement of a $29 out-of-warranty battery replacement program for iPhone 6 and later users, TechCrunch reports that they are already available. Initially it wasn’t expected that replacing the batteries would be possible until later this month, but in the...