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iphone 4 battery help, need replacement but dont no procedure once new battery is in.


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Mar 11, 2012
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hi everyone i need help!

iv got an iphone 4 and the battery is broke. it last about an hour and sometimes just switches off without warning. when its on charge it ll switch off and the no battery sign comes up. when it comes back on the battery says 100%!! only problem is im working away in Kuwait so there is no apple shop here. I took my phone to a local shop who had a replacement battery. i have also restored the phone and this has helped but only a little bit.

When he put the battery in and switched on it said connect to itunes. Is this Normal? because i was in the shop i obviously didnt have my laptop to connect it to so he put my old battery back in.

i would of thought if you just replaced the battery it would just switch on and work as normal, not have to connect it to itunes??

If anyone could help it would be really appreciated,