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FREE iPhone 4 Cases And Bumpers Have Started Shipping


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Today I received an email from Apple telling me that my iPhone 4 Bumper has shipped. These are the complimentary cases and Bumpers that Apple promised at their Antennagate press conference. On the order page it tells you that they will ship in the next 3-5 weeks, but not for some people. People like myself have been receiving their shipping confirmation emails early. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get here so I can get that Bumper review out to your guys. I smell an iPhone4Forum Giveaway coming!
Just got the iphone 4 case, I found the case to better then most aftermarket cases with soft rubber around the edges which give you something to hold on to, it has a plastic body my is the black.

I would myseft say Apple made a good case I like it very nice.


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i got mine and i put it on just to try it and i have to say there is no difference when its on or off no matter how i hold it and for how long.. but i am going to send it to some one who needs it, im not keeping it...
I get mines Sept.1

i was told i would get mind august 31 and i got it today...

but i have to say the bumper made no difference to my phone i still get 100% perfect signal with or with out it no matter how i hold it, but i am giving it away to some one who needs it

what one did you order?
I ordered the Speck HD and the Griffen Reveal Etch; did anybody get theirs yet? Besides the Apple bumper.