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Fix for iPhone4 antenna issues???


Jul 15, 2010
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I'm still on the fence for upgrading from my current iPhone to the IP4, but I read on a post that the below comment apparently worked. For those that have the 4 please give it a try and see if it works for you. Please respond with your results.

Hold the phone "the wrong way" until the signal drops to no bars. Go to Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings and reset the network setting while holding the phone so that there is no signal. When it comes back up it should be resolved. I have been holding the phone "the wrong way" for 15 minutes and 5 bars strong.

If it does then my decision to upgrade will be for sure.

The post was from the iPhone 4 Fan page on Facebook.
It's the way the hardware works together not a bar calibration issue. I have decent signal and haven't dropped a call yet. :)
If this works good but apple needs to step up and make it right and not be so dissmissive about what for some is a real issue.
by resetting the phone, will it delete the apps purchased or will it just reset the settings?
resetting the phone? you mean in itunes restore or on the phone reset settings part?lol just the settings
I know more than likely it's a hardware issue. But it may not (hoping). Anyways, did any of you guys try it?
Resetting it this way does not delete data. It deletes your wifi and email password. May delete your homescreen setting also.
Well hopefully after "The Meeting" in Apple Land Friday, the Fiasco may subside. i'm hoping this wishful thinking technique may work for a few of you iPhone 4 owners.